Our state-of-the-art Training Center provides courses that strike a balance between technical knowledge and real world business application.

Deriving from their years of experience working with businesses, our instructors design courses around business challenges and how technology can be used to solve them, rather than following the traditional training methods.

In the past our training center has hosted courses ranging from managing grants in QuickBooks to SharePoint Design training. The array of training courses we offer is always expanding and given our strategic alliances with consultants who specialize in various areas – chances are we can provide you with all the software training you are looking for.

Upon request, we also offer technical courses specifically tailored to your needs. We highly recommend this option for those organizations that recently upgraded to a new software/platform and want to train their users in order to spur adoption and ensure proper usage.

To learn more about our pricing and upcoming schedule, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.