The Business Challenge

With more and more business being conducted online everyday, organizations need to be able to provide platforms that enable multiple people to collaborate and share information, both externally and internally. Microsoft SharePoint provides the robust platform for a wide spectrum of Web based collaboration, business and document management, and other business automation services.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Think of Microsoft SharePoint as a cloud based platform that provides a collection of business automation services that is easily configurable and highly expandable to meet your current and future needs. Some of the functions that SharePoint can provide to your organization are as follows:

Your public Web site:

SharePoint is a powerful Web site content management system that can be customized and branded to look and feel like any other public Web site. The close integration with Microsoft Office applications makes content management a real plus for using SharePoint as your Web site.

Your document management system:

SharePoint provides a comprehensive set of document management features such as versioning control, records management, auditing, managed metadata, workflow and much more.

Your business collaboration center:

SharePoint provides all the tools needed to establish collaboration sites for internal project teams, and resource sharing with business partners and clients.

Your business automation center:

SharePoint is a great platform for integrating various business systems and procedures. Close integration with Microsoft InfoPath forms provides a powerful application development system without the need to develop expensive code. Connect to your existing Line of Business applications (like accounting and project management) to expose summary information and business data in SharePoint dashboards.

The IDEA*TECH SharePoint Approach

The IDEA*TECH team has extensive experience in the deployment, management, and development of SharePoint systems. We have developed an array of client web sites, collaboration centers and applications under SharePoint. Our approach is to shape SharePoint deployments to meet SMB business needs without expensive and overblow customization and programming code. We can guide your use of SharePoint in a stepped or modular fashion targeted to solutions that will make a real difference in your business operational efficiency and costs.

Contact us for a free presentation of the SharePoint systems we have developed. You may be amazed!