Connectivity Challenges

As the division between our personal and business lives blurs, more people are working outside the office. For example, people want the freedom to work at home when the kids are home from school sick—or to quickly review a document on their phones while they wait to board a flight. While on a customer visit, access to current and accurate information can make the difference between winning and losing a sale. To keep up with the speed of business today, employees need access to business applications wherever they go.

Increased mobile and remote work creates challenges, though. With many people working on their personal mobile devices, management may face increased headaches and security risks. As a small or midsize business, you need to provide secure and reliable services to your employees without spending a lot of money.

Using Microsoft Office 365, IDEA*TECH can provide you with enhanced solutions that empower your employees permitting them to work using any device, whether they are in the office or on-the-go.

Office 365 includes the latest version of all the familiar Office applications – including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, but that’s not all. It also provides access to Office applications that are optimized for tablets and smartphones. For example, Outlook online is optimized for touch experience and makes it easier for users to interact, compose and manage their email on the go.

TEAMS is the essential core application within the Office 365 collection of applications. Teams provides your organization with a powerful staff management and collaboration system. We will show you how to use Teams to manage essential files and information exchange.

Below are some more exciting features:

Our Solutions

Office 365

  • office365-Office
    Office 365 lets you use the office you know…
  • office365-Cloud
    When your office is in the cloud.
  • office365-Employee
    Your employees know & use office.
  • grow-business
    Grow your business.
  • office365-Sync
    Sync from the cloud to your device
  • office365-Client
    Clients trust you with their data
  • office365-Email
    Running a business requires more than just email
  • office365-disaster
    When the unexpected happens..
  • office365-collaboration
    Effective collaboration means sharing simply and securely.