Hosting Services

With Cloud based Hosting services provided by IDEA*TECH, your business gets a flexible, on-demand, and ready-to-deploy infrastructure to meet all your IT challenges. From Content-Management systems to special applicationĀ  systems hosting, we can provide you with a scalable solution that adjusts with your business needs and does not require any large upfront investment.

Our Cloud based Hosting services are run out of Data-Centers that have redundant power and internet lines, which means that your technology is running around the clock without any unplanned downtime.

Below are some examples of the services we offer:

Client Domain, RDS, Accounting and Special Application Hosting

The IDE*TECH server hosting center, under the 365Data Centers facility in Reston, VA, provides inexpensive deployments for our clients. These include the following:

  • Cloud based Domain controllers for hosted applications, files and Active Directory deployments. Manny of the domain controllers are full-time linked with in-house domain controllers for disaster recovery and faster remote access purposes.
  • Remote Desktop Servers used to provide off-site user access to cloud based applications like accounting servers under highly secure access connections.
  • Special application servers, like GIS systems and modeling applications.
  • On-premises SharePoint deployments for customer collaboration systems.

Microsoft SharePoint (Content Management):

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful Content Management and collaboration platform that can integrate with other software used in your organization and act as a central hub for all your information needs. With its numerous features, SharePoint can act as your organization’s online workplace allowing your teams to share information internally or with clients externally.

To learn more, visitĀ SharePoint Services.

Website Hosting Services:

IDEA*TECH provides Website hosting via a contract with GreenGeeks web hosting services. We assist in the deployment of the your Web sites, development under WordPress, and other management requirements.