The Challenges of a Connected World

In today’s globally connected world, a significant amount of business is conducted virtually.

With clients, employees, and vendors spread across the world, traditional systems such as e-mail are insufficient especially if developing relationships is an important part of your business.

To accommodate the rich interaction that facilitates the development of relationships – your business will need powerful tools that allow your employees and teams to seamlessly communicate and collaborate internally and with clients and vendors, externally.

The lack of a unified communication and collaboration system may also add unnecessary operational costs in the form of reduced business agility, productivity, and excessive travel costs incurred by employees traveling to attend meetings and/or trainings.

Our Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint

Using Microsoft SharePoint, IDEA*TECH can provide your business with a web-based collaboration system that allows your teams to share information internally and externally. We support SharePoint Online deployments and on-premises deployments in our Hosting Center.

Over the years, we have helped several organizations use the powerful flexibility of SharePoint to accomplish goals ranging from running scientific risk assessment models to Event Planning.

Given the power of SharePoint and our expertise in working with it, the possibilities of what your business can accomplish are endless. Click here to learn more about how SharePoint works or Contact us for a demo.

Microsoft Office 365 and Teams

Combined with SharePoint Online, Office 365 has taken collaborating and communicating to a new level.

Within Office applications such as Teams, you can now have multiple users work on the same document at the same time. This process is called “Formal Co-Authoring.”

Additionally, Office 365 includes Microsoft Teams, a powerful communication tool that allows you to access instant messaging (IM), screen-sharing, audio and video conferencing, and conduct online meetings with internal and external users – all from one interface. We love the Chat feature which permits rapid conversations with staff, instant computer calls, screen sharing and more. Outlook now permits sharing a message with staff members via the Chat interface. You can even establish Chat sessions with outside clients!

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