Backup Challenges

If you are using traditional Tape drive backup systems in your organization; consider the following hypothetical situation:

There was a fire in an office and the Tape drive with the most recent Full-backup was damaged beyond repair along with the server. Luckily, the Business Operations manager had an older Tape drive at home, but it was two weeks old.

The situation described is frightening, but it could happen to any organization. Typically, all organizations using the Tape drive backup method keep some Tape drives off-site, but the data on those Tape drives is rarely the latest. In the hypothetical situation above, two weeks of data is lost forever.

Our Solutions

With Cloud based Backup services provided by IDEA*TECH, the chances of ever losing any data are greatly reduced.

We realize how valuable data is for all organizations, so we provide robust Backup solutions that incorporate the following features:

  • Daily Off-site backup, so no data is lost.
  • On-site backup with Off-site replication: For those organizations that need efficiency and redundancy.
  • BMR (Bare Metal Recovery): If your server is completely destroyed during a disaster and needs to be rebulit from scratch, then it can be done very quickly with our Bare Metal Recovery solution. As we backup images instead of data, restoration time is greatly reduced.
  • Data is encrypted during transmission to the off-site servers and thus kept secure during the entire process.

To provide an extra layer of reliability and minimize the risk to your data, IDEA*TECH uses secure state-of-the-art data centers with redundant power and internet capabilities.

We also understand that different organizations may have different priorities when it comes to security, performance, and cost. Thus, we conduct a detailed Needs-Analysis before recommending or implementing a solution.

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